Themes in Globalization Studies, Fall 2017 — and a look back

It shouldn't be surprising but the field of Globalization Studies has shifted over the past decade. I began teaching my course in 2006 with the sense that global interconnectedness was growing and would continue to grow, as the internet brought people into closer contact with one another and outsourcing created new links between producers and... Continue Reading →


What Does “America” Look Like?

Because of President Trump's frequent use last week of words like "our history," "heritage," and "lovely statues," I found myself thinking about the image of "America" emanating from the Trump White House. It looks something like this: Peering at such images on the Internet (I searched Google for "Trump surrounded by white men"), my mind... Continue Reading →

Are High School Clubs a Bad Idea?

I teach at a wonderful independent school at which everyone gets along really well, the curriculum is rigorous and innovative, the students are kind and curious, and the faculty and staff are amazing. I treasure the commitment and dedication of everyone, faculty, staff, students. I love being in the classroom with my students or collaborating... Continue Reading →