School T-shirt Sourcing Report and Recommendations

Linked below is the report my students produced on sourcing T-shirts for our independent school. A few people asked for a link to the report, so here it is. Catlin Gabel School T-Shirt Report and Recommendations, Class of 2018 The document was researched and written by secondary school students. My role was to facilitate their... Continue Reading →


Four Projects for Global Citizenship! Part 1: School Sourcing and Climate Change

After a bit of agonizing, and a few semesters' experience, I have come to believe that global identity is broadly ideational. It can be enacted locally, and students can form global identities through building stronger connections to the places they live. Here, divided into two posts, are four project/assignment ideas for building students' sense of global... Continue Reading →

What Does “America” Look Like?

Because of President Trump's frequent use last week of words like "our history," "heritage," and "lovely statues," I found myself thinking about the image of "America" emanating from the Trump White House. It looks something like this: Peering at such images on the Internet (I searched Google for "Trump surrounded by white men"), my mind... Continue Reading →