Education and Trust: Finland and the USA

Three years ago, at the end of my family's time in Finland, Mika Rantala, then the Head of school at Schildt Upper Secondary School in Jyväskylä, asked me to record a brief video on my reflections after visiting numerous Finnish schools, meeting with teachers, administrators, and students. Having visited many Finnish schools at all levels and... Continue Reading →


An Attempt at Measuring “Class Participation”

I have long been unhappy with the subjective nature of my assessment of students' class participation. Earlier in my career, I simply equated asking and answering questions with successful participation. I also included trips to office hours. But it was clear I was privileging one kind of student: the kind that is assertive, confident, and... Continue Reading →

Has Good Teaching Changed?

I wonder: when is my teaching helping to shape ethical, thoughtful, happy human beings? When am I (doing a good job, maybe) teaching to fulfill the demands of the market, of corporate future employers, of educational fashion, of the latest branding initiatives of influential schools? I have written here before about the dangers of so-called... Continue Reading →