Finnish Educators at the Fulbright Center

Fulbright Center Finland Non-Profit Organization · 1,413 Likes · 6 hrs · How are students' skills assessed? How is special education organized? Are students ready to choose between general and vocational education at the age of 16? Fulbright teacher alumni mentored newly arrived American grantees on Finnish classroom practices, teachers’ and counselors’ role in the... Continue Reading →


The Individual and the Collective Good

This week I had the good fortune to begin in earnest my project here in Finland. I had a productive chat with Merja Juntunen, a researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, about how to structure the internet "platform" for my teacher-collaboration website on globalization-related issues. Friday, my fellow Fulbrightrers and I met at length with Satu... Continue Reading →

Globalized Youth Online: Communication, Debate, Solutions

  The current iteration of my project statement as I begin my work in earnest. The image is of the Hungary-Serbia border, August 2015. My Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching project seeks to develop global competence through international dialogue between secondary school students and educators about the issues connected to the processes known collectively as globalization. How... Continue Reading →

First Impressions

It is fitting that a trip dedicated to the study of globalization should pass through these globalized spaces called airports. Here in Helsinki (where I am spending the day waiting for my family to arrive from San Francisco via Washington and Copenhagen), English, Russian, Swedish, and Finnish are everywhere. In the elevator, a woman laughed... Continue Reading →

Moi (Hi) from Jyväskylä!

Being a new arrival in a foreign city is like being a scientist tasked with making speculations based upon shreds of evidence and tiny sample sizes. Every interaction with baristas and bus drivers is freighted with intercultural judgment. With this in mind, I will plunge in. The Fussgänger Zone outside the DNA phone shop. Central... Continue Reading →