A Great Website on Finnish Education Through American Eyes

Jen Chavez-Miller was a Distinguished Award in Teaching (DAT) Fulbrighter in Finland last year. She put together a terrific website that deserves attention from those interested in the Finnish system and/or global education. These are her pictures from her time here. Below is a list of links to her website, the main page of which... Continue Reading →


An Email to My American Students

Dear Juniors, The Class of 2017 was on my mind yesterday and today as I watched the rite of passage for rising "seniors" here in Jyväskylä.  Yesterday morning, all the current seniors who will be taking the matriculation examination in May had their final day of classes. Now they will only be studying. So they celebrate... Continue Reading →

Are Classrooms an Exportable Resource?

I visited today with Mika Rantala, the principal of the nearby Schiltin lukio, a school with a focus on sports (Olli Määttä of the Pittsburgh Penguins came through the school a few years ago). No sports teams like in American schools, but more on that later, maybe.  Mika has welcomed guests from around the world... Continue Reading →