A Good Documentary Available on Youtube: “Revolution of the Present”

This documentary, “Revolution of the Present,” has been around for a couple of years, but I see it has recently been posted by the filmmakers on youtube.

Here is part of the blurb the accompanies the film: “Humanity seems to be stuck in the perpetual now that is our networked world. More countries are witnessing people taking to the streets in search of answers. Revolution of the Present, the film, features interviews with thought leaders designed to give meaning to our present and precarious condition. This historic journey allows us to us re-think our presumptions and narratives about the individual and society, the local and global, our politics and technology. This documentary analyzes why the opportunity to augment the scope of human action has become so atomized and diminished. Revolution of the Present is an invitation to join the conversation and help contribute to our collective understanding.”


The movie does not aspire to offer solutions, but holds up a mirror to the viewer, helping us think about our contemporary lives. This might be preferable to teachers because it offers students to engage in the discussion.


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