A Great Website on Finnish Education Through American Eyes

Jen Chavez-Miller was a Distinguished Award in Teaching (DAT) Fulbrighter in Finland last year.
She put together a terrific website that deserves attention from those interested in the Finnish system and/or global education.
These are her pictures from her time here. Below is a list of links to her website, the main page of which is here. I really like her page on education in Finland: she has chosen some lovely quotations from the national curriculum. There is an overwhelming amount of content here. I don’t know how she did it!

Her Portfolio Menu

Introduction to this Portfolio – Understand why and how I pursued this inquiry project.

Education in Finland – Investigate the world of Finnish education  through annotated slideshows showcasing school places and spaces, in the classroom, school lunches, and teacher rooms.

Global Education – Recognize diverse perspectives of global education concepts, definitions and initiatives around the world.

International Expressions of Global Education – Consider
how UNESCO, the United Nations, and the countries of
Australia, Canada, Scotland, Singapore, and the United
States define global education.

Case Study: Global Education in Finland – Examine Finland’s global education initiatives and how cultural values shape and define those initiatives.

Global Education Initiatives Timeline – Consider the
evolution of global education in Finland

Themes of Global Education in Finland – Read stories
of educators and schools across Finland and how they are
engaging students in global citizenship through the themes
of values, curriculum articulation, teacher autonomy,
collaboration, integration, and commitment to equality.

Curriculum Development – Explore, experiment, and commit to bringing global learning to your classroom.

 Online Resources for Teachers – Ignite your curiosity and commitment to promoting global competencies in your classroom.

Professional Development Modules – Review conference and grant proposals and presentations for diverse audiences on topics related to my Fulbright experiences (Password protected –contact me if you would like access.)

Gratitude and Dedication – Acknowledge those who made this experience possible.

Finland Blog – Read about my experiences while I was in Finland from February – May, 2015.


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