Is Cramming for a Test a Form of Cheating?

How Can Some Math Students Learn So Little in 12 Years of Classes? This afternoon, my Fulbright colleague and math teacher Elizabeth Agro Radday and I were considering this question. Despite a decade of effort, many young students learn little about mathematics except that they hate it. How, we wondered, could twelve years of schooling... Continue Reading →


The Movement North

The image here is linked to a terrific website, and a great resource for teachers, visually demonstrating the enormous movement of people into Europe over the past few years. You can click on any country and see its outgoing or incoming migrants. Many thanks to Marjo Sassali at the normal school here in Jyväskylä for... Continue Reading →

How Not to Educate Students for the Future

The current political climate in the US is so harsh and it seems every topic cleaves us into two antagonistic camps.  Take climate change and migration, for example. Looking through the new Finnish Core Curriculum,  on the other hand, I am powerfully struck by the calm assurance of the authors. In an English-language report about global citizenship... Continue Reading →

Equality and Justice in Education?

This cartoon, floating around on Facebook and elsewhere, makes me think about how we offer education to children. What does giving the smallest child here a second box do for or to that child? What does the group gain when all three kids can see over the wall? This seems true to me on the... Continue Reading →

Teaching the Migration Crisis

"Refugees Welcome," Regensburg, Germany Riding the 21 bus from the Altstadt of Salzburg, Austria, to our comfortable rooms at Haus Ballwein, just where the fields begin at the edge of the city, we stopped near the wonderful Augustiner monastary-brewery. The rear double doors opened to let a grandmother push her stroller onto the bus. Standing there,... Continue Reading →

Bavaria and West Virginia

A few days ago, I traveled from Finland to Munich to Regensburg, a small city in eastern Bavaria. I spent a year here, 2004-5, and much looks just a it did. My family and I dined at our favorite pizzaria in Regensburg, L'Osteria, for the first time in eleven years. I bought Regensburger rolls at a number... Continue Reading →