Unknown Unknowns: Student Interest and Learning

I think a lot about how to teach most effectively. I think a lot about what needs to be in my US History survey course: what do my students need to know? But I'll admit it, I spend very little time wondering what students want to know. I should, because research shows students are much more effective... Continue Reading →

Teaching About Hippies in Helsinki!

I've been teaching about the history of the Hippies for about fifteen years. Hippies and Bohemians were at the heart of my dissertation and I continue to try to help my students puzzle out "the counterculture" each spring in US History. Last week, I gave an updated version of my spiel on the Hippies to Petteri Granat's... Continue Reading →

Globalschoolroom.org is Up! Now What?

The website for my Fulbright project is ready to be used. This is from the "How this Website Works" page: "Global Schoolroom is a site by and for teachers. The goal is to enable educators who want to deeply engage in global issues with their students by pooling our resources of assignment ideas, project ideas, and... Continue Reading →

World Civics?

Every high school teacher knows it. When the flurry of tests, papers, college apps, and team sports slows in May, the high school seniors think about it. In the US, the Class of 2016 is inheriting some back-breaking issues. Climate Change, Zika, ISIS, income inequality, a million-plus migrants in Europe, a national debt approaching $20 trillion. It's... Continue Reading →