Tim Walker on Finnish Teachers in American Schools

I met Tim Walker in Martinlaakson lukio in Vantaa. In fact, we met in the classroom of Pekka Puera, a math teacher who is something of a rock star in Finnish education circles and whose methods have inspired many of the changes I've made to my teaching this fall. For the past few years, Tim has... Continue Reading →


The Education Commission Report on “the Learning Generation”

This report points out the promise of funding education in the poorer nations--and the problems that will came if we don't. It is striking that even at this moment of increased globalization, international aid for education is falling. As an American, I am struck by this passage: "Historical analysis shows that inequality fuels unrest and when... Continue Reading →

Global Studies in the Age of Trump

Ironically, painfully, it's International Education Week. It hurts to say this out loud. The meetings of earnest teachers seem hopelessly outgunned as the UK trudges towards its Brexit and the USA begins its transition to Trumpism. Across the West, nationalism is on the march and global citizenship feels in retreat. This can't be good news for those of... Continue Reading →